Be More Social

Autism can cause social interactions and settings to sometimes be a challenge. With the help of our social coaches, individuals with autism learn to tolerate uncomfortable situations and adjust their approach to healthier coping mechanisms. Our coaches help students to practices these new skills in a safe and welcoming environment.

Brighter Future creates respite space at community events and festivals for families affected by autism or with special needs. We fill our amazing space with coaches and caregivers to help those individuals and families participate in the event. Our program helps connect these families with their communities and gives extra support on weekends when its often needed most.

Our coaches work with you and your child to create and clearly define manageable social skills goals. Our students learn what specific behaviors look like and practice the behaviors while receiving feedback and reinforcement. All of which is done within the local event to further strengthen not only student’s social skills, but also their connection to those in their immediate community.

Abbot Kinney 2017
Venice Beach: Arts and Crafts 2016
Venice Beach: Arts and Crafts 2017
Speech: Tom Iland